Buy With Us

Before You Start Looking:


1. Speak with a licensed Mortgage Professional to obtain a preapproval.

2. If you are not aware of your personal credit situation, or are at all unsure, you should do this at least 3 months prior to realistically looking to purchase a property, leaving ample time to improve your finances prior to wanting to place an offer.

3. Save for out of pocket expenses (see below for list)

4. Call Castleknock with any and all questions (781-412-5300), including a list of other professional contacts that may assist in the process (attorneys, loan professionals, inspectors).

**Realtors and Castleknock agents are not mortgage professionals nor attorneys, so for detailed questions, please seek out professional advice, and feel free to ask us for a reference**


Out of Pocket Expenses:


What? How Much? When?
1. Initial Deposit Generally $1,000 With acceptance of offer
2. Inspections $300 - $600+ Within 10 days of offer
3. Second Deposit Generally 4-5% of Price Upon signing of P&S
4. Moving/Movers & Supplies $500 - $5,000+ Up until closing and after
5. Down Payment Varies with Buyer At Closing
6. Attorney Varies ($600 - $1,000+) At Closing


**Additional Expenses may arise, as each transaction is unique.

**It is normal for buyers to see 10-50-100’s properties before finding the property that they purchase. At times it will be frustrating, but remember that it is part of the process, and will benefit you greatly once you find that perfect home!


Email Updates (the search):


1. Sign up on this site to receive daily email updates that will come to you each morning through that are fed from MLSpin.

2. These updates will include listings in your target criteria, noting status changes, such as NEW to the market, a price change, or possibly any contingencies.

3. These updates will keep you informed of the most current properties on the market, and allow you to quickly to reach out to your Castleknock agent to set up an appointment.

4. Keeping current with the daily updates and your “favorite” properties will allow for a productive and efficient search process.

5. If at any time during the process you would like to see a property ASAP, please call, text, and/or email your Castleknock agent.