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So per usual, I was all jazzed up to start something (blogging here), and then life/business got in the way. From here on out, I’ll let my actions speak for themselves. I’ll be doing my best to post regular blogs on pertinent real estate and life we go again... 

While it’s officially summer here in Scituate, MA, and life can’t get much better, let’s talk about that  CRAZY Spring market! We’ve been busy at Castleknock, thanks to some awesome clients and some great homes. And as one may have heard...this market was, and is, pure LUNACY! We’ve had a nice mix of listings and sales, so it’s been nice to see things from both sides of the coin, both with their pros and cons. Yes, listings priced correctly get multiple offers over asking. And yes, in many cases as a buyer, if you want to be competitive, you need to go over asking, have strong financing, and meet the sellers’ needs as far as timeline. Check out @casteknockrg and @dstevensrealtor on instagram, and our Facebook page for updates regularly...

But since homes are going to list and sell now and forever into the future...I’m here to share with you my honest opinion of this market


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Every single buyer and seller in this market needs the “right” representation. There are too many moving parts, too many heightened emotions, and at the crux of it all, perhaps the most important investment of a person’s life: a home. 

Make sure you are interviewing your broker/agent, and that they are doing the same to you. How do you communicate best? How do they? When do you like phone calls? Texts? Emails? Are there times when you don’t like to be disturbed? Does your agent just want a sale, or do they want to find you the “right” home? While all of these questions seem simple and mundane, they can be the difference between finding and winning the “right” home...or not. 

So, if you want to be successful with either buying or selling in this market, or really, in any market, here are some questions that are essential to have answered in a working relationship with a broker: 

  1. Do you communicate well with them? Text, Call, Email? Set the expectations early...

  1. Are you able to have insightful and perhaps, difficult conversations? 

  1. Is your broker able to build quick relationships with other brokers/agents? 

  1. Does your broker know what you are looking for in the transaction? No, really, do they know? Have they asked you? 

  1. Do they know how to price or comp a property? 

Those are just some of the questions that come to mind when I think of what sets great brokers apart from good ones. Where I land on that’ll have to ask my clients. I’m far from perfect, but I do believe that my honesty and ability to develop quick relationships with other agents, is likely my most appealing and effective trait. Now, Tara will tell you that I need to continue to work on my communication skills, and she may not be wrong...yikes!

Let's start our discussion and get you started!

Until the next you, do you, be proud, take some risks, live freely, and do right by others...


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    Welcome to our New Blog!

    Stevens family photo with puppies

    Welcome to Castleknock Realty Group’s new blog, likely written by me, Dave Stevens, with inspiration coming from my amazing ladies: my wife, Tara, and daughters, Caitrin, McKenna, and Kinley. 

    We look forward to making this the best resource of real estate and world lunacy that you can come to expect. I'll be doing my best to be honest, resourceful, informed, and what I think is most important...authentically me... 

    So, I we go!  

    I’ll start with my journey in real estate and how we decided to start our own brokerage. It all started back in 2012, when my best friend’s father, a broker, suggested that I get my real estate license to make some extra money, as Tara was expecting our first daughter, and I was trying to make ends meet as a foodservice manager in hospitals. After a little bit of thought, and dreams of big commission $$$$, I attended the classes, took the test, and bam! I was a licensed real estate agent. 

    Now while becoming an agent is rather simple...taking 40 hours of classes and taking a test...making money as a sales agent is a whole different story. My first closed deal was the first home that Tara and I purchased. At the time it needed a lot of love, but we had the support of our parents that the work was doable, and it all turned out great. We ended up with a lovely home and have since sold and bought two other times since then, making Scituate our home. 

    After purchasing our first home (my first deal), it took me some time, and some family members, to complete some other deals. For the first three years as an agent, I completed a few deals a year, as a means of “extra money,” but then, I got the real itch to pick up my business and really deliver great service to my clients, while closing deals and making that $$$. 

    In analyzing where I was, I decided to leave the brokerage of my best friend’s dad (a very difficult decision), to basically see what else was out there in this big, bad world of real estate. I again chose some level of comfort, and joined a brokerage in Milton, where a close family friend was also an agent. I loved the company, loved the brand I was a part of, and learned a lot more about the process of being an agent. It was here that my sale’s manager had me conduct an exercise on my closed deals. She asked me to identify where each of the clients had come from. Long story, short, 95% of the deals were a direct contact of Tara or me, and it was that exercise which birthed Castleknock Realty Group. 

    Why was I working for another brand when most all my business came from those people around me? Clients weren’t choosing the brokerage, they were choosing ME to help them along in this most important process in their lives: Buying, Selling, or investing in a home. We also wanted a way to give back to the communities where we work, while also paying our bills and feeding the little rug rats. 

    So after much thought, worry, hearing, “that’s such a risk,” being told by many close, and not so close, friends/family “that’s a bad idea,” Tara and I decided to bet on ourselves. It has been a great decision for our family. The birth of the Castleknock name is for another blog, but we launched in 2018 and we’re able to help clients fulfill their real estate dreams, while also giving back to communities through our Castleknock Cares program! 

    Until the next yourself, be proud, take some risks, live freely, and treat others with LOVE! 


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